February 25, 2009

Should Joey Galloway Pull a Junior and Return to Seattle?

Ken Griffey Jr. played his final game for Seattle on October 3, 1999. Joey Galloway played his final game for Seattle on January 9, 2000. Junior is now returning to Seattle as a conquering hero, while the just-released Galloway isn't exactly being enticed to finish where he started by Seattle fans or the Seahawks organization.

Now, I'm not equating the two players... Griffey is one of the best baseball players of all time, and a cultural icon for the Pacific Northwest. Joey Galloway? Just another football player, and one that left Seattle on awful terms after forcing a trade following the '99 season.

But.. Galloway was the most exciting, dynamic player the Seahawks had through the drab 1990s. He was a true threat to score every time he touched the ball, and in his four full seasons with the Hawks he averaged over 1000 yards receiving per season, while racking up 40 touchdowns (36 recieving, 3 on punt returns are one rushing).

Just so you don't think that's simply ancient history, from 2005-2007 he had three more HIGHLY productive seasons with Tampa Bay before his injury-plagued 2008. In fact, according to the boys over at Pro Football Reference, Galloway is the Most Underappreciated Player of All-Time.

Like with D.J. Hackett, it's highly unlikely that Galloway will end up in Seattle. But if we can get him out of the bargain bin, I don't see why we shouldn't give the dude a shot. There's really no reason to hold a grudge about how he left town, after one of the picks we got for Galloway from Dallas turned into Shaun Alexander. Ha! Jerry Jones: A dumbass for decades.

If I hadn't sold his jersey for a quarter back in 2000 when I was super pissed at him, I'd bust it back out...

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Alan said...

I think you'd see a pretty mixed reaction. Just the way he left Seattle and the season he held out was fairly bad. But, as you said, if the price was right and we needed another receiver...it couldn't end worse than the Jerry Rice debacle.