February 5, 2009

The War of the Flea (and Seahawk.. and Cardinal)

We all know that XL was hopelessly tainted by bad officiating. Our Arizona rivals are slowly beginning to realize that yes, they got screwed by the refs in a Supe as well.

Now, XLIII wasn't HALF as awfully called as XL, but both games are examples of the refs CONSTANTLY giving Pittsburgh a break on any & all "grey area" calls. Every Cardinals fan out there KNOWS that if Larry Fitzgerald had done the "LeBron James" routine, there's no way he'd have avoided a 15-yard penalty as Santonio Homles did. They also all know that if Darnell Dockett had held a guy down on the ground and repeatedly punched him, he wouldn't have avoided ejection the way James Harrison did... And so on and so on...

We're up against the biggest fan base in the NFL... a team whose owners are beloved around the league, and whose "blue collar" style of play has endeared them to the football media. Let's face it: Seahawks and Cardinals fans? We're seen as losers. Dregs. Curiosities.. Our teams are the only ones to have our FULL names painted on our end zones in the Super Bowl, as if without that bit of information viewers wouldn't know where our teams hailed from.

So we are encouraged to "move on" or "get over it." NEVER, I say! I call upon all Seahawks and Cardinals fans to create an alliance of convenience... A rhetorical guerrilla war against the Steelers, their fans, and their acolytes in the football press... All are welcome to join! From Cincinnati to Boston! From Baltimore to Cleveland! We will never stop questioning the legitimacy of XL and XLIII. We will stoke the fires of anger, we will remind the media and other fans at every turn that Pittsburgh has ill-gotten rings. Why?

Because it's accurate, and the NFL needs to come face-to-face with the weaknesses in its officiating.

Also... It's really fun to piss off Steelers fans, isn't it? Man, aren't they touchy about XL and XLIII? It's almost as if they KNOW something wasn't quite right, given the level of anger they direct at those who point out the weakness and bias NFL refs develop when they see a few thousand terrible towels waving... They will go out of their way to try to debate you. Why? If they were so confident, wouldn't they just pat us on the heads and go home to chug some more Iron City Beer?

So do your civic duty, my minions... Question XL and XLIII... It's the right thing to do, and you're causing psychic pain for those goddamn Yinzers.

UPDATE: Plus, there was a clip on Harrison's int return. No call, of course.

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Cat Eating Alien said...

I hate the Steelers and their fans as much as anyone and XL will haunt me to my grave but I don't think the officiating was that bad in XLII. The roughing the passer was the only real game changer and the Steelers couldn't make anything of it. But you are right about pissing off the fan base, they are the most insecure fan base ever