May 14, 2009

1999 shirt or 2009 shirt?

Which shirt is ten years old and which is brand new?

Not like there's a bunch of suspense here, but (drum roll)...


What can I say? I like those retro shirts... I'd rather they weren't all fake "distressed," but I still think they're pretty sweet.

I got the shirt from the first picture up top in 1999, and it's not long for this world, given that it's got more holes than Arnie's leather jacket in T2...

So what do y'all think of the throwback stuff? So good or no good?


gonzhawk said...

I like it, but at pushin 40 what can I a matter of fact, I got the new one with the helmet your wearin...they just came out with a largent jersey shirt on fansedge which is going to be my splurge this year...its pretty cool...

kinda mixed on the retro as a whole, cause some of it doesn't look that great-It almost as if it reminds me to much of the 90'S and not enough of the 80's, which is far superior decade!

brent said...

Where did you get the retro distressed seahawk logo shirt? I love it.

On another note, Great blog. I enjoy reading your posts. I'm a long time reader, first time at commenting.


DKSB said...

here's where you can get those shirts:

LogoHelmetThanks for the support, man! Keep reading :-]