December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas, Twelve Army.

26 years ago today, our Seahawks won the first-ever playoff game in team history over the hated Denver Broncos. Things don't look nearly as hopeful in Seahawks Nation tonight, but I'm still thankful that I root for a team with such passionate fans, such a rich, interesting history, the best stadium in the NFL, and a wise Billionaire owner.

We won't be down for long, fellow Twelves.

So use this as a forum to talk about your best Seahawks Xmas memories, and brag about the cool Seahawks crap you score from Santa tomorrow. :-]

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bleedshawkblue said...

Best holiday memory for me was beating the Raiders in the Dome with the magical combination of Doornink Left, Doornink Right, and Doornink up the middle. With a cameo appearance by Daryl Turner burning Lester Hayes for a TD, then back to the Doornink Left, Right and Middle show.

The announcer pointed out that between the 2 teams there were 18 Pro Bowlers suited up that night. Without the services of Curt Warner. We need ya, Chuck...