December 9, 2009

Don't Believe the Hype. You Haven't Seen the Last of the Green Jerseys.

Yeah, yeah, most of y'all are celebrating after Coach Mora's announcement that the lime green alt jerseys are "retired." Unfortunately for the bright green haters, this "retirement" is more like when a butler says he's going to bed than when Rick Deckard would ice a replicant.

Do you really think they bothered to introduce these jerseys and pimp the hell out of them to only wear them one time EVER? Pfft. No. Hell No. We won't see them again this season, but I guarantee they'll be back in 2010 after Coach Mora does some verbal backpedaling on the subject. The team didn't pour the resources into designing the jerseys and doing market research on their commercial viability, followed by dressing the players in them, only to create a weird footnote in franchise history.

I will say this: Keep the lime greens to wear a couple times a year. I'm fine with that. But it's also time to go throwback.... as I've said before, Dec. 20 against the Bucs would be the perfect time for the Seahawks to dress like it's 1976.

What do you think, sirs?


gonzhawk said...

Keep them I say-but change the numbers to blue...

Ed said...

Why is Mora even talking about jerseys?