December 6, 2009

Seahawks 20, 49ers 17

Oh, San Fransisco, let me taste your tears!!!

Let me say this clearly: Fuck the Niners. Fuck 'em. For all the bluster and chest-beating and media slobbering over them, these Niners haven't accomplished DICK yet. Nothing. Zilch. 2009 will be ANOTHER season that will end with them in their usual place: sitting at home, watching the playoffs. Once again, with feeling: FUCK the Niners.

All week all we heard about was how Coach Bug Eyes and the big, mean 49ers were going to come into Seattle, pistol whip our players, pillage Pioneer Square and generally lay waste to all things Seahawks. Mr. Commercial Star Mike Singletary would motivate his talented minions to subjugate our poor, defenseless Seahawks on their way to reclaiming what the media sees as the SF birthright: the NFC West title.

The Seahawks decided not to play the victim in this perfectly composed narrative. Of course, it helped that Singletary passed up 3 sure points by arrogantly going for it on 4th and goal early in the game. It also helped that the over-rated Frank Gore killed a Niners scoring drive in the 4th by coughing up the ball, and that Michael Crabtree was scared shitless by a charging Lawyer Milloy on what could have been SF's winning TD in the waning minutes.

Others can dwell on 49er mistakes, though. The Seahawks took this game. It wasn't given to them. Seattle has been derided for lacking mental toughness, but today the Seahawks proved to be the team with the steelier resolve. To some degree, you have to credit Matt Hasselbeck's veteran leadership as the difference. Despite a very frustrating offensive performance overall, Beck avoided the big mistake and made a perfect game-changing throw to Deon Butler. Alex Smith had better numbers, but couldn't get the Niners in the end zone to take the lead late in the game.

Be proud of the Seahawks today, Twelve Army. Your team had plenty of excuses to implode, but they fought to double-zeros and won. Don't dwell on the imperfections, but revel in the damage we've done to the playoff hopes of a hated foe. Rejoice that we've got another week of meaningful football to look forward to, and a winnable game against the flaky 5-7 Texans.

I told y'all that the Seahawks could win their last six games. Two down and four to go, huh? The NFC West Crown is AZ's again, but there's still that tiny chance for Seattle to win a wild card spot in the postseason. With all the speculation and uncertainty swirling around this organization, the Hawks have shown some heart by stringing two wins together for the first time all season. They can do more. I believe.

Do you?


Mark Stoecker said...

Great Post! And a great win for our Hawks! I was pissed I couldn't watch it because I live in Arizona and the stupid NYG/DAL game was on, a game I could care less about. Don't know why they couldn't show a game of two division rivals to the Cardinals, it would make sense. Oh well, regardless of if I see it, it's the result that counts. I love reading your blog, keep it up.

Don said...

Preach on brother! I believe!

bleedshawkblue said...

Win out and kick the crap out of the FuckTards on the road in the wildcard, knocking out Warner and DirtyFilthy Dockett, with all hands healthy to run over the rest of the NFC and pimpslap the Stealers 46-3 just before we steal their GM.

And then listen to all the talking heads talk about the great Stealer dynasty that is so far superior to all other teams in the history of the world, especially the Seahawks who just pimpslapped them 46-3.




Andrew said...

I'm glad to read your positive spin. A lot of Seahawk fans are still complaining because the win wasn't pretty enough for them. But for a team that has struggled the last two years to win close games this was huge. It was huge that they were able to hold SF twice late and get into scoring position at the end.