December 15, 2009

Watch as I continue to torture myself... UPDATED

I stopped gambling on football after I lost money on the Bills four years in a row (though I think I bet on Buffalo the last couple of times out of spite), and I'm only in one fantasy football league (and that's only because I am the Commisioner and I get a charge out of making up the rules). If I'm going to find excitement out of watching the Seahawks these over these final three weeks, I've got to create it myself.

This week, I'm holding onto the Seahawks sub-atomic playoff hopes as a reason to get myself geeked up. Yes, Seattle is still technically alive, though it would take an avalanche of opposition collapses. You can play with various scenarios over on Yahoo! Sports... Here's one that results in the Seahawks reaching the playoffs.

Seahawks would make the playoffs in a 4-way 8-8 tie between Seattle, Cowboys, Giants, and Falcons based on- wait for it- Strength of Victory

The simple parts? Any Seattle loss or Dallas win eliminates the Seahawks. Rooting for the Hawks and against the Cowboys? Shit, I do that anyway.

Holy crap. Ran the numbers again. If ANY of NINE teams win on Sunday, Seahawks are eliminated. (DAL, ATL, SF, BUF, OAK, MIA, PIT, CAR, CHI)

I know a lot of you are utterly disgusted with the Seahawks right now. I am too. However, if by some miracle they can win at Green Bay in addition to besting the Bucs and Titans at home, why shouldn't they make the playoffs over the imploding Giants, Falcons, etc? Plus, we know from terrible first-hand knowledge that an 8-8 team can win in the Wild Card round.

I'm trying to talk myself into this crap at this point. Anyone want to help me get on this bullet train to insanity?

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DJJeoff said...

I was obsessed with this as well... it took me 4 hours to play with that tool until I saw the little blue helmet... Actually, I came up with a scenario that seems fairly plausible until week 17, and anything can happen in week 17...