December 16, 2009

Strength of Victory? Sounds like a Leni Riefenstahl flick...

First of all, the Holmgren thing... If he came back to the Seahawks in some capacity, I'd be pleased. However, I'd totally be OK with him going to Cleveland. It's an AFC team that isn't the Broncos, Raiders or Steelers, and the chances of him ruining his existing Seattle legacy would evaporate. In short, I'd welcome you back with open arms, Big Show, but if you choose Cleveland? Good luck, and I'd look forward to your eventual Ring of Honor and Hall of Fame inductions.

I want to offer some clarifcations on my insane ramblings from yesterday. The Seahawks only path to the playoffs is this one: A four way tie at 8-8 between Seattle, Dallas, New York, and Atlanta, followed by Seattle having the best "strength of victory."

In this scenario, Dallas gets knocked out because they'd lose the head to head tiebreaker with NYG (division tiebreakers are applied first by the NFL). The Giants, Seahawks and Falcons would remain. Each team would have a 6-6 conference record, and there wouldn't be enough common opponent games between the three teams to use that next tiebreaker, so it would go to strength of victory.

Strength of victory is actually how the Seahawks slid into the 2003 playoffs as a Wild Card, and three weeks out from the end of the season it's very hard to project. It's simply the winning percentage of teams you have beaten, and we won't know that for certain until all the games have been played.

What we know now is that the Giants have a solid edge over us in SoV, and Atlanta has a slight advantage. The Seahawks would be helped most here by strong finishes by the Jaguars, Rams, and Lions, and by the Packers and Titans winning their games that aren't against Seattle. Conversely, since NYG beat the Chiefs and Raiders, and Atlanta beat Miami, Carolina and Chicago, we want those suckas to keep losing.

Simple, huh?

The basic parts of the equation are still: Seahawks have to win out, and Dallas has to lose out. Unfortunately, the Niners will also need to lose to either the Rams or Lions as well.

In any case, Go Seahawks!

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bleedshawkblue said...

It's the NFL on BCS!!!

Reserve tickets for this year's epic pimpslap of the Fucktards in Glendale, y'all, when we roll into their house for the wildcard, having won out and the rest of the NFL tanked exactly the way The Bearded One said.

Then brace yourselves for steamrolling through the rest of the NFC on the way to blowing out whatever lameass AFC Mebane fodder they trot out to that formality of a Who concert in February.

Hasselbeck and Company will outplay everyone on all sides of the ball, making it look like what the Texans did to us...




Or something.