December 14, 2009

The Seahawks are 5-8. The Twelve Army is Not.

Our team is a bedraggled mess. We don't have a GM. The coach is spitefully calling out guys who are playing hurt. To quote Hot Naked Chicks and World Report: Shit Sucks!

Even in these times of woe, we have a responsibility: To fill up Qwest Field and make things as difficult as possible for the enemy. This doesn't change because the guys wearing Seattle unis are mostly a gaggle of lame-os who won't be around after January 3. The Twelve Army still has a chance to prod this team to a 6-2 home record, which frankly would be pretty miraculous.

I'm stuck out in the wilderness of Northwestern Ohio, so I won't be there for the last two home games... but to everyone reading this who is going to those games: Cheer, be loud, don't boo. Really, what's the point of booing this team? Even a 3-0 finish isn't going to stave off sweeping coaching and roster changes, so why not keep it classy up in the stands?

The Seahawks have played 67 regular season and postseason games at Qwest Field, and won 47 of them. Yes, the teams have tended to be pretty good since 2002, but the roar of the Twelves has been the margin between victory and defeat more than once for Seattle's team. We can't let a Bucs or Titans fan walk out of Qwest over the next month thinking "pfft, Qwest Field wasn't THAT loud." Fuck that. Much better for them to stagger out into the night, ears ringing, with the knowledge that Qwest Field is damn near an insane asylum.

Besides Twelve pride, what else can we root for over these last 3 weeks?

-An 8-8 finish seems incredibly unlikely, but is still possible, and would give the organization a nice boost going into the offseason. Even 7-9 just feels way better than 6-10 or 5-11.

-Matt Hasselbeck only needs 329 passing yards to become the all-time franchise leader in that category. Hopefully he can rack up those yards this week in front of us Twelves, against the 3rd worst defense in the NFL.

-In the season finale, Chris Johnson might be gunning for Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record. Even though we won the "Emmitt Smith breaks Walter Payton's record" game, it's still lame to see Seattle as the victimized team in that NFL Films footage. I don't need to see another example of a guy setting a major record against my team.

What do you think, sirs?

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