December 13, 2009

I Admit It: The Seahawks Suck.

Even the most negative creep in all of the Twelve Army couldn't have guessed that the Seahawks would utterly dishonor and disgrace us today. Lose? OK, fine... We all knew that the Seahawks hadn't won a road game outside the division in over two calendar years. But look even more pathetic than they did against the Cowboys, Vikings and Colts? That's unacceptable, and if they had any pride the Seahawks would offer themselves up voluntarily to get pelted with rotten fruit by the general public.

After this pathetic display, no one is safe from a purge by the forthcoming regime. I agree with John Morgan over at Field Gulls that Coach Mora is probably going to be one of the first casualties after the season ends. The Seahawks have been even less competitive in 10 am games than usual this season, getting blasted by an aggregate score of 168-77. That falls squarely upon the head coach, who has consistently failed to prepare this team to compete on the road.

The offense looks headed for a complete demolition, with even Hasselbeck vulnerable to the big, ugly ax. The defense is less pathetic, but big changes are probably coming on that side of the ball as well after another implosion of the pass defense on the road.

Admittedly, I was willfully blind to all the evidence that the Seahawks have crumbled into a twitching mass of suckitude... Today's game was like a rotten, stinking fish smacking me across the face. I still hope for wins these last three weeks, but I no longer have any realistic expectations of anything better than a 6-10 finish. If the Seahawks win their last two home games, it will be more a testament to the home field advantage granted by the Twelve Army than the Seahawks' coaching acumen or on-field talent.

Right now, us Twelves do not have a team worthy of our efforts. We will still cheer and scream to defend our own reputation, but the Seahawks as a team are at their lowest point since 1992. In less than a month, the rebuild begins. Let it be a quick rise back to respectability.

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Hawkgirl said...

I have loved the fact that you've remained so positive through all of this season. I'll admit I realized we suck way back in October and was certainly confirmed after I attended the Cowgirls game in Dallas. I don't celebrate it and I don't long for us to lose for the draft pick. I hope for a whole new regime to come in and rebuild. I'm tired of "Mr. Motivational speaker" Jim Mora and his throw everyone but himself under the bus mentality. It's the kicker, no, it's the offensive line and CHANGES will be made. Riiiggght! Could the first change be "kicking and scratching" you out the door???

Still a proud 12 but will be glad when this misery ends January 3rd and we can look toward a better future!