January 25, 2008

#12 "Fan" Jerseys: Kick-ass or Gaytarded?

I'm all about the "12th Man" phenomenon. I think it's awesome that the Hawks retired the number 12 back in the mid-80s, and I've got a "12" flag flying outside my house here in Illinois, for fuck's sake. However, I've always drawn the line at buying a "12 Fan" jersey. I know a lot of people have one, but I just can't do it. Why?

I think part of it is that I look at buying and wearing a jersey as an art form. One has to be mindful of a lot of shit when deciding to buy/wear a jersey:

A) Is the player good? It makes no sense to wear a shitty-ass player's jersey.
B) Is the player known to be a decent human being, or we at least lack obvious evidence he's a turd?
C) Is he likely to be on the team for a while? I try to snag a player's jersey right after they sign a long-term deal, if possible. You don't want to be the guy wearing a Steve Hutchinson Seahawks jersey around, do you?
D) Does the jersey make you look like a bangwagon douche? No offense to anyone, but if you're rocking a Shaun Alexander jersey, I'm going to be skeptical of how hard core you are.

See some people might get burned by a jersey, and either A) stop wearing jerseys or B) fall into the trap of the personalized jersey. Bu-arf. Seahawks fans can choose a third option: a "12 Fan" jersey.

To me, the 12 jersey is a cop out; It tells me you don't have the onions to commit to a current player on the roster. The jersey you wear says a lot, and to me a #12 jersey says you don't really like anyone on the team all that much.

But I could be wrong. What do y'all think?

PS: I have two Hasselbeck jerseys, a Walter Jones, a Josh Brown and a Steve Largent throwback right now.

PPS: One last thing... My rules for jersey-wearing

1) NEVER tuck in your jersey
2) never personalize your jersey; you are not on the team.
3) never wear a player's jersey after he leaves the Seahawks (exceptions can only be given after the player retires)
4) Don't wear a player's jersey if he is injured (it just seems like tempting the Football Gods)
5) Have at least two jerseys so you can change if a player is having an awful game.


RandomChris said...

Yeah, I couldn't agree more. People with Darrel Jackson, Koren Robinson, Joe J. and etc can all take a long walk off a short plank. A jersey is $75 at the pro shop and cheaper with the season ticket discount, man up and get someone on the team goddamnit.

Another thing that bugs me is when people come to the games that do not own a jersey, would it kill them to at least try and wear something blue for fucks sake? Nothing says I am a dumbass and don't know anything about football then someone showing up in a red coat when we are playing the Cardinals.

Brian said...

I agree with most of the post. However I am a hardcore hawks fan always have been. The only reason I like the idea of wearing the #12 Jersey is because it always works. The number never gets traded or leaves the team. It always says you are a Hawks fan. To the people who don't know what #12 is it says "Figure it out motha fucker!" In addition you can wear it any day for the rest of your life and always be correct. The player game is too risky.