January 31, 2008

Marshall Faulk is a Douchefuck

Watch this NFL Total Access Clip with Matt Hasselbeck and come back here...

Back? What I love is that Mr. Ram Marshall Faulk

A) Asks Hasselbeck if he's sick of always losing to Favre, and after Beck points out that Seattle beat GB in 2006, Faulk says "that doesn't count."

B) Brings up Hutchinson, who's been gone for TWO FUCKING YEARS. Damn, why not ask him about losing Ricky Watters while you're at it? That's just about as relevant at this point.

And look at that... Not only does Hass graciously not stab Faulk in the neck with a ball-point pen, but he also gives him a free nutrition bar. What a guy, huh?

Faulk has always had a clear anti-Hawk agenda on NFLN; It must burn his ass that STL has descended to bottom-feeding status while the Seahawks rule the NFC West with the brutality of a South American military junta.

What a dicklick.

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