January 24, 2008

Why Dave Krieg's Strike Beard?

I was 12 in 1987, and even then I had some notion that the scab games were deeply wrong. I watched the last one where Largent crossed the picket line and torched the Lions, but I still felt kind of dirty about it. I still refuse to watch The Replacements because of the contempt I held for those scab games in '87.

When the players came back, I vividly remember that Dave Krieg had grown a glorious, Castro-level beard during the strike. I was convinced that beard led Seattle to a 35-13 road win in L.A. against the Raiders, and as I remember it (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) we lost the first game after he shaved it off, and the season ended with a crushing OT loss in the Wild-Card game at Houston.

Yes, my little douchbaggy 12-year-old ass cried after that one.

So, I'm calling this thing Dave Krieg's Strike Beard, or DKSB. Also, I HAVE a beard, and I'm not an alien.

The Bearded Men of Space Station 11 - The State from Sebastián Hoch on Vimeo.


Andrew said...

I was twelve in 1987 also. And I cried after the Seahawks lost to the Oilers in that playoff game. And I will insist to this day that Fredd Young intercepted that ball in overtime and it should have been Seahawks ball with a chance to win.

Sean said...

Would love an article on the need for a new homefield song dude, we need it!!