January 27, 2008

Jerramy Stevens: Worst Seahawk Ever?

There was a time when I actually defended Jerramy Stevens, particularly in the period surrounding XL. "It wasn't his fault... He actually scored a touchdown! He made another big catch that was wiped out by that bullshit holding call on Locklear!"

Given the combination of sucky play and turdish behavior, even his defenders got sick of having his back... Now this Seattle Times article removes all doubt: Stevens is probably the worst human being to ever put on a Seahawks uniform. They're probably still trying to remove his foul stench from the locker room...

Which leads to the question: Who is the WORST Seahawk ever? In my mind, he has to have a combination of some of the following traits:

A) Performing far below expectations on the field (An undrafted free agent fucking up? It's hard to eat his lunch for that)
B) Getting into consistent and/or highly serious legal trouble
C) Making crucial mistakes at costly times
D) Selfish conduct which harmed the team

There's a poll up for y'all, but here's the nominees off the top of my head:

-Jerramy Stevens
-Brian Bosworth
-Rick Mirer
-Dan McGwire
-Lamar Smith

Debate and discuss in the comments, y'all..

1 comment:

Brian said...

Gotta go wonder where "My car wouldn't start is?" Good old Korean Drop the ball Robinson. He should make the list right? It still has to be Stevens though. He was a total loser with AMAZING god given talent to play football. What a waste of air.