January 27, 2008

Wait... A West Coast Team Has to Drag its Asses to the UK and it's NOT the Seahawks? Well, I'll be dipped.

The Saints will play the Chargers in the UK next October according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Speculation was rampant that the Seahawks might have their home games against the Jets or Patriots moved to Great Britain, so this is great news for Seattle.

Yeah, yeah, it would be good for the franchise to get that international exposure, blah blah blah... Right now, I couldn't give less of a fuck about that. I want to maximize the chances of winning XLIII, and losing a home game so we can trudge to London to play the Pats at a neutral site aint gonna help.

The NFL couldn't possibly be sending a bigger collection of douchenozzles than the Chargers. Maybe the rest of the NFL will get lucky and they'll all get lured to a Hostel in Slovakia... I'll leave it to KSK to creatively spin the "Marmalard visits jolly 'ol England" tale (which is coming in about 5 seconds, I'm sure).

Just for shit and giggles, here's the awesome shoot-out scene from the UK import Hot Fuzz:

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