April 16, 2008


The other day Seahawk Addicts pointed out a story that hit a point I love to make: The Seahawks only trail the Patriots and Colts as the most successful NFL franchise since 2003.

Of course, you wouldn't know that if you looked at the MNF schedule for 2008 (yes, SNF is the marquee game now, and playing on Monday night kinda fucks a team up for the next game, but to be shut out entirely is kinda bullshit)... Here's another little tidbit I dug up (which I also posted as a comment on SA)

I was watching sportscenter for some reason the other day, and Greenberg mentioned how "6 of the last 7 teams to lose the Super Bowl missed the playoffs the following year."

As you know, it was the 2006 Seahawks who broke that so-called "curse."

Here's an even better one: The 2006 Seahawks are the only SB loser to win a playoff game the following year since... wait for it...

The 1997 New England Patriots, who lost Super Bowl XXXI, but won a wild card match-up with Miami the following year.

As Beck would say.. Put your hands on the wheel, let the golden age begin. The best part? There's no end in sight. :-]

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