April 4, 2008

Jones v. Largent

So here we are: The Finals. The two greatest Seahawks in history battle for your amusement... Largent looks to be the overwhelming favorite, but I made a lot of the arguments in favor of Big Walt in the comments here...

I said this before, but I'll close with this argument: If you could have either player in his prime, which would you rather have? I'd pick Big Walt without much deliberation... but what do you think?


gonzhawk said...

I would agree with you on Walter...It's just that for me, Largent was my boyhood hero and is the reason I loved the hawks, the number 80 (rice/whitless FU) and playing reciever. But of course, pound for pound, I would most likley have to take Jones to build the team around!

this is how the brackets should be!!!

Anonymous said...

Easily Walter Jones. He's just a living legend.


Anonymous said...

my favorite from the 80s was Dr. Dan Doornink; i vote Walter Jones for best ever Seahawk. here's hoping they can add a Super Bowl ring to his collection of awards.

sherminator said...

Walter is probably the "better" football player - I would take him in a draft before Largent - but #80 is an original 'Hawk, is HOF, and has been THE face of the franchise so long. Add in his off field citizenship, and he is THE ONE. Walter Jones may be it for the younger guys, but us old-timers have too many memories of Stevie doing the near impossible.

Realspd said...

A great left tackle does not make a team great. We couldnt run at all last season. I know the premis was "during his prime" but how many good tackles are not known because they have a crappy RB and or QB behind them? Or the line doesnt play well. Great recievers like Largent keep you in the game. He is part of a long list of great revievers who made average qbs look good and keep thier teams in games. You can get around having an ok LT if you use a back to chip block or keep a TE in or just run a quick throwing WC style of offense. If you dont have a quality reciever, a true number one guy, the offense will stall. Look at the hawks the last couple years. The lack of a true number one has negated big Walts impact. If Hass had a true number one (maybe branch if he can get healthy) dont you think that changes some of our games? Largent played at a hall of fame level on mostly crappy teams when he relied on sub-par teammates to get him the ball and take pressure off hme. Realspd

Anonymous said...

The greatest Seahawk is Largent. A dominating LT doesn't make the team necessarily better. We've had plenty of lousy seasons with Jones at LT.

A good LT doesn't make for exciting football necessarily either. Largent was exciting to watch on every play.

It may make you feel more sophisticated to vote for an offensive lineman as the greatest player, but it doesn't make it right.

Largent is the best player to ever wear the uniform without question. The only reason he's not given credit that other receivers of his day get is that he played for us (and most of the people voting probably never saw him play)

Plus, I don't think the impact of Jones really has been that much without Hutch in there. Jones may be a great player, but it hasn't helped the OL be worth a crap the last 2 years.

Largent was great every year, regardless of who was around him.