April 26, 2008

Draft Day in Springfield

Updates to come in this space, y'all.. Stay tuned.

-Well, I hated Howie Long when I was a kid.. My son will learn to hate Chris Long pretty easily, I think. :-]

-So it's Lawrence Jackson, DE from USC. Ruskell goes defense from a big football program.. no big shock there. I don't know how good he'll be, but his nickname is LoJack, which is pretty effing sweet.

-We traded up to get Notre Dame TE John Carlson, who fills a glaring and immediate need. Will we call him JoCar?


Peter said...

The kids can call you ho-ju!

Michael Steffes said...

Sweet Flag, I had mine out too, along with my Seahawks helmet filled with snack foods! Jesus I'm gaytarded! JoCar Jersey, here i come!