April 1, 2008

The Final Four

...Just like the NCAA tourney, it's all #1's:

Cortez Kennedy v. Walter Jones

Kenny Easley v. Steve Largent

Vote away!


gonzhawk said...

Largent 4 ever!!

gonzhawk said...

Dude, by the way, I am new to blogging, er at least responding to them and my total obsession in life is the seahawks!!!
Love the name and I too have a chip on my shoulder about representing our team...Thanks for this cool site and keep it coming...between you and seahawks adddicts, my hawk internet experience has just improved 200%!

the name also rules as only hard core fans can truly appreciate it!!
ps. I know my name is dorky but it is what I started on seahawks.net so I'm kind of stuck with it...
I really rather use Mansfield Wrotto or STTB (Slave to the Businessman)

bye the bye, do you like dot net and do you attack like they do, about 80% of them? just curious-you don't have to post this-just wanted give you and your site props..sorry so long-only had one beer...

Misfit said...

No love for 'Tez... *sobs*, *rubs eyes*.