April 2, 2008

Wow. Seriously. Fuck You.

Apparently, Mike Pereira has admitted that a holding call should have been made on a key play in Jacksonville's wild card victory over Pittsburgh last January.

Boo-fucking-hoo. Those Pittsburgh shitsnackers got a FUCKING SUPER BOWL RING largely due to incompetent/biased officiating. No Steelers fan should be allowed to complain about officiating for at least a decade.

And Fuck Pereira... That play rates an apology, but NOTHING in Super Bowl XL did?

And all you fuckers who are telling Seahawks fans to "get over it...." Please, sincerely, get back to banging your sister in your gleaming tower of rational superiority. Let's see how you react when your team gets ass-raped by a rhino.. I doubt you'll shake it off like a flesh wound.

Fuck all y'all haters. Y'all know the truth.. You can't clean this stain off your Lombardi Trophy, Steelers.. no matter how long you polish the damn thing.


Anonymous said...

Wait, people actually believe the Stealers won that trophy legitimately? We, the undeceived fans of the NFL really know who won that Super Bowl.


Anonymous said...

This really does suck the giant dick from hell.

I still don't see any PI on Jackson in the endzone, nor do I see any hold on Locklear, nor a penalty on Hasslebeck.

Maybe I can't see those things because a giant dick is in the way.

They're polishing something allright, and it's not the trophy.

DirtyHawk said...

I totally hate the fucking stealers. I am still so pissed off about that day that it almost brings tears to my eyes when I see that stupid commercial with Cowher saying some crap about being WORLD CHAMPS. I WANNA KICK COWHER AND THE BUST. I hate that the hawks get crapped on in everything in the NFL. When is it our turn to reap the benefits of the NFL elite. Do we have to have Mora give oral to the NFL BRASS?

gonzhawk said...

I can't stand to watch that douche bag with that shit eating grin-he just fucking spins shit they way he sees fit-he must be a former lawyer or politician because he is a bullshit machine!!
Trying not to stir up old, repressed feelings!! that was the worst fucking day of my football fan life, ever!! and to think it was due to this assclown, fucking shithole loser lions fans rooting for their "team"
sorry is that language allowed? ps. still bitter about that lard ass fucking us in that Raven game where 37 got his nuts grabbed by lewis?