April 19, 2008

Biggest Seahawks Draft Busts?

Hey, it's less than a week until the draft! Let's relive the massive spastic fuck-ups Seattle's management has pulled off in the past!

You'll notice no Bosworth here, for two reasons..

A) He was a Supplemental draft pick
B) It wasn't an blatantly stupid move to pick him, and before injuries destroyed him he actually wasn't that bad.

So here we go:

Jerramy Stevens (R1, 2002): Possibly the Worst Seahawk Ever. On top of displaying the receiving skills of my 2-year-old son, he was also a despicably terrible human being. Just a fucking nightmare.

Koren Robinson (R1, 2001): By all accounts, a good guy except for, you know.. that alcohol problem. Despite that and incredibly inconsistent hands, he was given chance after chance by Holmgren... Ruskell rode him out of town after the 2004 season, picked up Joe J and we went to XL

Rick Mirer (R1, 1993): I was there for one of the few highlights of Mirer's Seattle career... He led the Hawks to a late TD in a 10-9 win over the Pats in 1993. Believe it or not there was a time where he looked like he'd actually have a non-shitty NFL career. After a solid rookie season, Mirer declined each year until we traded him to Chicago.. for a pick we used to take Walter Jones.

Maybe he wasn't such a bust after all.. :-]

Dan McGwire (R1, 1991): The Behring/Flores era's representative move... Run Dave Krieg out of town in favor of Mark McGwire's freakishly tall younger brother; See him throw TWO TD passes in his NFL career.

Owen Gill (R2, 1985): You seriously need to re-examine your scouting department when the team ends up CUTTING ITS SECOND ROUND PICK (and highest pick in the 1985 draft) BEFORE HE EVEN PLAYS A SINGLE REGULAR SEASON DOWN.


Michael Steffes said...

Did you know that Koren Robinson use to take ecstasy before games? Allegedly.

And we wonder why he couldn't catch

gonzhawk said...

the first words out of K-jobs mouth were "sumpin sumpin Bling Bling" and I knew I had a bad feeling about this guy....
what a turd burglar..

Woody! said...

What an awesome picture.

JoeNashFan said...

You didn't mention Andre Hines. I believe he was taken in the second round after Jacob Green. I'm not sure if it was the first or second year but Jack Patera had to put him on a diet and exercise program before he would let him practice.