October 1, 2008

Have you seen this man (on tv)?

That's me with the mind-blowingly awesome Kangaroo TV device after our 2007 win over the Bengals... An anonymous tipster thinks he saw me on TV:

Did you know they showed a clip of you in a Fox Sports commercial last night? I think it was during the "Mack Strong, In His Own Words" program. You're famous! ...this was definetelely DKSB at Qwest Field. You were using one of those little TVs you can rent at the stadium.

If this is fo' realsies, I'd love to see the ad. Has anyone else seen it? If so, does anyone have the necessary means to put it up on the youtubes?


ctrimis said...

i thought that was you!!! watch FSN and you'll see it, especially during seahawks all access.

DKSB said...

Unfortunately, I don't get FSN Northwest out here in the wilderness of Central Illinois. :-[