July 2, 2009

2009 Seahawks Jersey Buying Guide

It's getting to be that time of year, when a lot of us consider buying a new jersey for the fall. Options range from $75 replicas, to the $125 semi-authentics all the way up to the $250 authentics.

I've always felt the only appropriate thing to wear on gameday is a Seahawks jersey, and I've also preferred a jersey as the best way to "represent" for the Hawks out here in the wilderness of the Midwest. I once had a HUGE collection of jerseys, but right now I'm down to a Hasselbeck home replica (my favorite active player) and a Kenny Easley semi-authentic throwback.

In my experience, the little Seahawks logos on the sleeves of the modern semi-authentics tend to fray easily, even if you take very good care of them. This isn't true for the semi-authentic throwback jerseys, however. They are more sturdy. Authentic jerseys are just out of my price range, so I tend to go for replica jerseys. Remember: NEVER put your jersey in the dryer. Hang it up and let it air dry and it will last a LOT longer. So what are your options?

1. Personalized jersey: To each his (or her) own, but I think the personalized jerseys are kinda stupid. You're not on the team, no matter how much you'd love to be. You know what looks even weirder? Someone who gets a personalized, #80 modern-style jersey and gets "Largent" put on the back. That just looks odd to me. However, if you really love Big Play Babs and get a custom Babineaux jersey made, I would bestow mad props upon you.

2. #12 jersey: At least for me, no #12 Fan jerseys... It's nice that the team retired the number 12, but wearing the jersey seems like a cop-out, i.e. you don't want to take the risk of buying a current player's jersey and/or you don't have a favorite old-school player.

3. Current players: If you're smart about your choice, this might be the way to go. Just remember to concentrate on players who are NOT about hit free agency... You don't want to be an idiot like me back in the spring of 2007 when I bought a Josh Brown jersey. Since I won't wear a player's jersey after he leaves the team, I had to sell that piece of crap on eBay for like $25. The only really significant player I'd stay away from based on this is Darryl Tapp, who will be a free agent after the upcoming season. The larger point? Do some research before plunking down $75 for a jersey.

I have a weird thing about wearing an injured player's jersey. I'm not a superstitious sort, but I feel like I'm bringing bad juju if I'm wearing a player's jersey while he's out. Thus, I shy away from players who have a history of injury problems. I'm not going to get rid of my Hass jersey; I just love the guy too much. But would I buy one now? Ehhhhhhh.. more on that later.

Finally, I'd be hesitant to buy a jersey for a rookie or a new free agent acquisition. What if they suck? Then you're wearing a big shroud of suck, aren't you?

With all these ideas in mind, here's my top 5 jersey-buying choices among active players: John Carlson, Marcus Trufant, Leroy Hill, Lofa Tatupu, and Hasselbeck (despite the injury thing I mentioned above.. I idolize that bald bastard, and I think he's going to have a huge year).

4. Throwback jerseys: There's so many great things about throwbacks... They look great, they'll never get traded or leave in free agency, and it shows that you know something about the team's history before 2005 (at least, you SHOULD know the team's history if you are wearing a throwback). Largent is a popular choice, but I've also seen plenty of people wearing Zorn, Green, Warner, and Easley throwbacks. I'm still waiting for that Dave Krieg throwback... Come on, Reebok!

I stay away from "fashion" jerseys, but that's just me. I also prefer the dark jerseys over the whites, because A) the white jerseys get dirty easier and B) the whites made my fat ass look like a beached whale. Also remember to NEVER tuck in your jersey, or wear it over a collared shirt. That just makes you look like a TOOL.

Ladies, I think the "girl cut" jerseys in the team colors are awesome. The pink stuff? Yuk. I have a daughter on the way this November, and my wife and I both agree: NO pink team apparel. That stuff just buries the needle on the lame-o-meter.

How about y'all? What are your jersey rules? What jerseys do you have? What are you gonna buy this summer?


Misfit said...

I have an 'Away' Trufant replica and a 'Home' #8 Hasselbeck replica.

The blue home jersey is pretty worn (it visited the dryer, inexplicably) and the front 8 is almost worn off, though strangely enough the 8 on the back is just fine. I guess that's what a JC Penny gift gets you. ;)

This year, I'm considering Curry, Mebane, Carlson, and Hill. I want to see how Curry plays before making my decision. Hopefully, I'll get some glimpses at training camp. I love Carlson but the aggressive feeling of a defensive player has a great vibe to it.

If I got a throwback jersey, it would no doubt be a Cortez Kennedy. That guy dominated like no other Seahawk I can remember. I've yet to see a Seattle defensive lineman get triple-teamed since then. At least intentionally, that is.

I prefer the white 'Away' jerseys myself. They can be bleached properly and stay very white and clean. The blue one just haven't had the same appeal to me, but I'll probably mix it up and get one this year, anyway. I'm pushing a buck sixty-five, so I guess the white helps me... :)

12thMANforever said...

Did you know that where you are in that picture above is torn apart? Yeah, tailgate alley is gone... SDOT is getting ready for viaduct crap leaving us fans nothing but streets and whatnot for tailgating. Thought you'd like to know...

DKSB said...

Dude. Weak. :-[

airbags said...

i have a personalized jersey with MY name and MY number. no, i'm not on the team, but i also won't have to run out and buy a new jersey whenever a player's seattle career ends.

it's great to be a fan of a player, but that player will get injured, get traded, be released, retire, et al...

my love for seahawks will never die ;)

DKSB said...

It's like the song says.. The world don't move to the beat of just one drum, and so on. :-]

You could just get a throwback jersey of your favorite old-timey player and achieve the same goals... I'm just sayin' :-]

airbags said...

sure, i could, and i considered a throwback zorn, but i REALLY love my #24!

it makes the other jerseys at my seahawks parties pale in comparison!

Scotty said...

Great Topic.

I doubt Reebok to start doing anything more than Green, Easley, Warner, Largent, etc. retro jerseys.

That's why I have to disagree with your opinion about putting past players on the new jersey. I used my fantasy baseball winnings from last season to buy an authentic #96 with Kennedy on the back. He deserves the retro treatment, but I fear that Reebok will never give him his due.

Maybe when he's elected to the HOF. But I want to wear a 'Tez jersey when I travel to Minnesota to see them whomp over the Vikings in November!

At Last said...

I scored a Marquand Manuel gamer on e-bay for only a hundred bucks. It's sweet. Fits like a t-shirt. When I wear it, people think I'm hispanic ("Whazzup Mannnuell??")

In a perfect world, the hawks will sign Michael Turner, who's name I share. Then I'll get a gamer of his that I'll probably pay more than my car for.

I've always been pissed that the hawk logo on the sleeves is about the same size as the Reebok logo. When I got the gamer, I saw why. They're both the same "patch". In other words, they're both sewn on at the same time.

On the throwbacks, Easley is obviously the first choice, but they need to come out with a Bob Lurtsema #70. For those of you who aren't ardent and knowledgeable hawk fans...look him up.

DKSB said...


Manuel? That's TIGHT.

low80elco said...

Home opener I will be wearing my authentic Ricky Watters and my wife will have the ever elusive John L. with the NFL crest.

Reebok did make a Krieg throwback, however I have yet to acquire one. Good luck with your search. I will post back if I find a few of them.

Here is a link with a photo on fansedge


Jay O. said...

To add in a very late comment here (from a SeaHawks fan in Philadelphia), I don't think it's necessarily awful to have a jersey for your favorite player just 'cause he's left the team. Heck, the reason I found this blog was because I was searching for a Josh Brown SeaHawks jersey. (I should've just bought it years ago but, I was lazy.) He's one of my fav players, but if I want his jersey, I want it in Blue and Green, darn it! Plus it gives a certain "cred" I think.

It's the same thing, I don't have a Flyers jersey anymore, but if I got one, I'd want a Rod Brind'Amour one. Who cares if he isn't a Flyer anymore, that's what I remember from being a kid.

Personal preference I guess.