July 30, 2009

Matt Bowen Obviously Doesn't Read This Blog

Twitter is aflame with reaction to this article by Yahoo Sports' Matt Bowen, claiming that Mike Vick is "headed to Seattle." If you actually read it, there's no new information in it, and complete ignorance about how a Vick signing would actually play in Seattle. The money quote:

From what I’ve heard, new Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora had a great relationship with Vick while the two were in Atlanta – despite the negative reports circulating through the rumor mill right now – and that he actually “cares” about the former Falcon and his future. I’ve also been told that, from a public relations standpoint, Seattle would offer Vick some protection from the media since it isn’t a city that draws the kind of overwhelming national attention as a Dallas or a Pittsburgh.

"Mora used to be his coach?" Check.

Seattle would offer Vick "public relations protection?" HA HA HA HA HA.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

I'm DONE with this stupid shit. Until he's holding a Seahawks jersey at a press conference, proving me to be the worst football prognosticator since Smooth Jimmy Apollo, I'm declaring this blog a Vick-free zone.

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