July 24, 2009

I've said it once before but it bears repeating...

Here's a Seahawks IQ test, and it's just one question long!

1. Is there any chance the Seahawks will sign Mike Vick?

A) Yes, of course! Mora used to be his coach! The Seahawks need a quarterback! They're a desperate, crappy 4-12 team! Mike Vick is sooo awesome! OMG!!!!

B) Are you f-ing retarded? Vick wouldn't fill ANY discernible need for Seattle, he isn't that good as a QB anyway (plus there's no way he's IMPROVED since going to prison), and signing him would create a MASSIVE P.R. nightmare for a team that plays in the most dog-loving city in the USA. Seriously, did you recently suffer some sort of brain injury?

If you chose A), you are probably either an ESPN talking head, a mouth-breathing PFT commenter, or have been a Seahawks fan since January 2006. You fail. Please stop talking about this team, because you know fuck-all about it.

If you chose B), you are likely a sentient human being, or at least a well-programmed computer like Gerty in Moon (awesome flick, by the way). You pass.

1 comment:

Bill McCready said...

Um... B?????

Here's the deal - all the other stuff aside (and that's going to take a bulldozer and a backhoe to move aside, BTW), football-wise, he's a less than average passer, a better than average runner, and Mora lost his job in Atlanta in part because of Vick, so let's be serious -- STOP THE MADNESS!! No one needs to waste another nanosecond on the thought that Vick lands in Seattle. I would have thought that this one was beyond over, but I keep hearing. Squash the Stupidity with all your might, DKSB!!!