July 27, 2009

Dog-Killing Liar Gets Off Easy...

The Rog has conditionally reinstated Mike Vick, and my only criticism is that I think Ron Mexico should have gotten a lot more than a four-or-five game suspension. That said, I think it's moot.. I firmly believe that ZERO NFL teams have a serious interest in this convicted felon with a diminishing skill set WHO WASN'T THAT GOOD OF A QB IN THE FIRST PLACE. When you add in the HIGH likelihood of Vick's mere presence on your roster bringing a tsunami of protesters and awful publicity (and perhaps revolt from season ticket holders and advertisers), there is no upside to bringing this festering turd into your facility.

Some people may say that I'm going too hard on the guy. These people are star-fucking idiots. Remember what this guy ADMITTED to doing:

Vick pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges relating to interstate gambling and dogfighting. Both are felonies.

He also pleaded guilty to dogfighting under Virginia law, another felony. Prosecutor Gerald Poindexter, whom we and many others believed lacked appropriate zeal when investigating Vick in 2007, argeed to allow Vick to plead guilty to that charge without tacking additional time onto Vick's federal sentence.

Then there's the issue of Vick's admitted killing of dogs, in various grotesque, bizarre, and arguably psychopathic ways. Drowning. Slamming to the ground. Hanging. Electrocution via the attachment of electrodes to testicles.

Vick admitted to involvement in those killings as part of his federal plea. He then tried to lie about it while strapped to a polygraph, presumably because he realized that even Poindexter might not be able to bungle a prosecution for multiple felonies counts of killing dogs, given a crystal clear admission of the crime from Vick.

But bungle it Poindexter did, failing to get even an indictment on charges that could have sent Vick away for a lot longer than 21 months.

And let's not forget the fact that Vick lied to Goodell regarding his involvement in dogfighting.

Or the positive test for marijuana, which occurred while Vick was free on bond, awaiting sentencing.

Yeah, I like to hate on Florio and PFT, but they're right on target in this case. This dude does not deserve an easy re-entry into polite society.

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