July 29, 2009

People are Lazy Idiots

I've seen FAR too many people use this argument to "prove" the Seahawks are interested in signing Mike Vick:

"Mora coached Vick in Atlanta, so of course he wants him back... blah blah blah..."

That guy over there? That Rae Carruth. If you don't know his story, he was a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers until he paid to have the woman carrying his child shot and killed. He's serving a looooong prison term for murder right now.

Using the reasoning of prominent Vickologists, his former coach Dom Capers, who is now the defensive coordinator of the Green Bay Packers, should be lobbying for his parole/return to the NFL in Green and Gold.

That sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it?

Yes, I know that murder is a lot worse than what Vick did, but what Vick did was still pretty f--king heinous. Remember?

-Vick and two cohorts killed at least seven dogs themselves. In one other instance, Vick ordered another member of the ring to shoot and kill a dog. Vick admitted to hanging, drowning and electrocuting dogs.
-Vick began planning his dogfighting operation during a 2001 meeting with childhood friend Tony Taylor, shortly after Vick was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.
-Vick bet on dog fights.
-The dogfighting ring would charge visitors $20 a person to attend a fights.
-Vick paid another person $100 to dig graves for dogs killed.
-Vick failed an FBI polygraph exam shortly after his home was raided.

Seriously people, clean your f--kin' loops. The Vick thing aint happening.

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