July 9, 2009

Shaun, please... Give it up, dude.

Shaun Alexander is evidently "training like crazy" to (hopefully) play this season... I implore you to just kick back, count your money and get ready to take your place in the Seahawks Ring of Honor. You racked up a whopping 24 yards on 11 carries for DC last season, and unlike wine or Susan Sarandon, running backs don't get better as they age.

SA... Man, Edgerrin James can't find work, and he actually looked like he had something left in the tank last season. There is no NFL market for your services, my man. The good news is that you are unbelieveably wealthy, good looking, telegenic (though easily confused with Tiki Barber in some corners), and your legacy is secure.

Some may player-hate on you, and bitch and moan about your running style, but...

-You scored 112 career touchdowns (#1 in Seahawks history; #14 in NFL history)
-You racked up 9,429 career rushing yards in Seattle (#1 in Seahawks history)
-You're the only Seahawk to ever be named NFL MVP.
-You're one of the top five players in Seahawks history (I rank you up there with Jones, Largent, Hasselbeck and Easley). Even if someone wanted to argue about that, you're the greatest running back in Seattle history, and that's a group that includes Curt Warner, Ricky Watters and Chris Warren.
-Without you, we would still be part of the pathetic franternity of teams who have never been to a Super Bowl. It's nice to hold something over the Saints, Lions, Browns, Texans, and Jaguars...

You have NOTHING to prove. Yeah, you aren't going to get in the Hall of Fame... but another shitty stretch with another team isn't going to get you any closer to Canton either. Come over to Qwest this fall, raise the 12th Man Flag, and luxuriate in adoration from us....

Does that sound so bad?


Alan said...

I don't think Shaun feels like he has something to prove, he just wants to go out and play. I don't think he'll do something like go play in the CFL or whatever just to keep playing. He isn't one of those guys. Who knows, maybe he gets on with a team to at least mentor a young RB. After all, he was only criticized for his running style and nothing else (the backstabbing comment aside) and could be a good influence on some of the younger guys.

And if he doesn't latch on, he'll raise the flag, wave to the crowd, and tell us he feels "blessed" to be honored by the Seahawks faithful once again. I wish him the best.

Bill McCready said...

I get what you're saying, but I think that for a guy like Shaun, he didn't get to walk off the way he wanted, and he wants to make sure he's really done before he quits. It's hard to see that as a good thing with the Favre drama-machine cranking again this summer, but Shaun's different. He had injuries that hampered him, and he's looking for a chance to see if it's really over, or if there's something in the tank.

If he's got something, he can make someone happy for a year or two (think Emmit Smith as a Cardinal), but if not, then he needs to shut it down, accept the love from the Ring of Honor, and pray for that Hall of Fame phone call. We'll see.