November 1, 2009

Delusion and Defiance

The Seahawks sucked today, and people are writing obituaries. They're working on concession speeches and articles of surrender. The message from everywhere I've looked on the internets? The 2009 Seahawks are dead, and the vultures are tearing the rotting flesh from their bones.

I've been watching this team for over a quarter century, and I remember the days where I'd furiously pore over the schedule to figure out what had to happen for the Seahawks to somehow worm their way into the postseason. Most of the time I was just giving myself false hope, but it sure made the rest of the games more entertaining until mathematical elimination spoiled my fun. I'm back to doing that, and I'm here to tell you that this season isn't over... quite yet.

2-5 is a shitty record, and right now the Seahawks are playing like an overpaid UFL team. But the fact is Seattle stands only two games out of first place in the NFC West, and there is a plausible scenario where the Hawks could be tied for first at 4-5 in two weeks time... I'll give you details about the Seahawks path to the playoffs later this week, but for now just trust me when I say that path hasn't been torn up into impassable rubble just yet.

If the Rams can beat the Lions, so can we! If the Panthers can win at Glendale, so can we! I'm not ready to give up. I'm Ed Harris, the Seahawks are Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio, and I'm not giving up until they start hacking up seawater and gasping for air.

I know I sound like a deluded, insane homer. Who wants to join me in this padded room? Who is fucking WITH ME????


MikeT said...

Awesome post, dude! This is exactly what I needed after having to endure a loss to the freakin' Cowboys today! Fuck that team and that eye sore seen from space they call a stadium. I'm with you. Beat the Lions, beat the Cards, and find the playoffs with an 8-8 record! GO HAWKS!!! (God bless you, alcohol.)

Zem said...

My brain tells me that we've got the wrong coaches, the team is poorly put together, discipline is sorely lacking, and we are a below average football team.

On the bright side, a less talented team in 1995 started off 2-6, and walked into Arrowhead in week 17 with an 8-7 record. Just to prove Dennis Erickson coached that team, their only loss on that hot streak was to a 3-13 Jets team.

Regardless, if that team can pull off 8-8 in a division like the AFC West back then, these Hawks can make some noise to the bitter end.