November 8, 2009

Seahawks 32, Lions 20

A lot of people want to dismiss this victory, but I've been watching this team since R.E.M. was just an obscure indie band, and I can tell you this: In Seahawks history we've seen plenty of examples of a 17-0 deficit turning into a 41-0 humiliation. Big comebacks have never been common for Seattle, but today the Hawks shook off one of the worst quarters of football ever played by mankind and found a way to win.

Of course the Lions lent us a hand via their overall shittiness, but the Seahawks held up their end of the deal. Hasselbeck was mistake-free after that awful opening pick, and the offense found ways to move the ball in spite of a still-pathetic running game. Mare also banged through four FGs (the winning margin), but I haven't heard many huzzahs pointed his way... Thanks Olindo!

The defense was the story yet again, holding Detroit to a field goal over the last three quarters and intercepting Stafford five times. At least at home, Seattle's D has been mostly impressive this season (and a key asset for my fantasy football team).

There's plenty to nitpick about today's victory, but I refuse to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The Seahawks are still playing meaningful football, and if that doesn't make you happy I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion (so to speak).

There's already a line around the block of folks giving Seattle no chance in Glendale next Sunday (Mike Sando, I'm looking in your direction), but now, in full view of the football blog-reading public, I guarantee a Seahawks win over Arizona.

The Cardinals have already lost three home games, two of them to teams with losing records... What one team can do, another can do. The Seahawks WILL win.

If they don't, I'll admit the season is over and shut the fuck up as the voice of irrational optimism.... stay tuned.

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MikeT said...

My family and I will be at next week's game, and if our last few visits are any indication, so will a small but vocal army in Blue. I'm not liking our chances, but shit I hope you're right! Great blog, dude! Keep it up!