November 15, 2009

I Fear We Can Only Wave Goodbye

Seattle's realistic hopes of winning the NFC West quietly died today, and the way those hopes slipped away was particularly depressing. For most of the game, the Seahawks played their best football of 2009, but all that got us was an 11-point defeat.

I was pleased to see Seattle play with urgency and intensity, and those qualities might stave off mathematical elimination for a few more weeks. 7-9 is still a realistic goal, which would be a 3-win improvement over 2008 and avoid the stigma of double-digit losses.

Inevitably, however, the Twelve Army is going to start thinking about 2010, with the imposing spectre of Mike Holmgren's possible return (in some capacity) looming over everything. I'm undecided about The Big Show returning at this point, given that these last 7 games are going to have some effect on what this team's future looks like. My gut feeling is that it's at least worth considering, since it looks like the team's major rebuild is going to come on the offensive side of the ball.

It's unpleasant to know an era of great team success is ending, and also to know we are entering a period of vast change and uncertainty. The good news is that I doubt we'll be out of the playoffs for 10 seasons, like we were from 1989-1998... The difference in ownership between Behring and Allen is great enough that a quick return to the postseason is plausible. But I'm scared shitless knowing that we need a franchise QB and an elite LT, and SOON.

Of course, there's that loony part of me that says "hey, we're only two games out of the wild card!" Goddamn I'm great at torturing myself, huh?

Side note: Fuck the Cardinals. Fuck Darnell Dockett and his dirty play. Fuck Beanie Wells and Fuck Kurt Warner. They are an undisciplined, inconsistent gaggle of schmucks, and I have nothing but loathing and contempt for them. I hope they get blown out in the Wild Card round, accompanied by a spectacular array of injuries.



Canadian 'Hawks Fan said...

By the way, I'm just getting through "Notes From a 12 Man" and was wondering how great it would be to have these classic games on tape. Do you know (or have) any of these games on DVD or VHS?

Andrew said...

Two games out of the wildcard...heck, we're only 6 games out of home field advantage throughout the playoffs with 7 games left. It is still possible.

Seriously, though, no reason to sand bag it now or after the season. This team has some fundamental problems that prevent it from competing realistically with the better teams. But they are not as far off as the 90s. I cringe at comparisons to that era. There really is no reason to even entertain such comparisons.

MikeT said...

Check out this site:

There's still hope! I know that fans believe we have to draft a QB in the first round, but I'd like to see us grab two linemen, offense or defense, who can come in and contribute right away. I think Hass can give us two more years. Finally, I attended the game Sunday, and it pained me to see us waste a great first half. I did see improvement, and maybe Forsett is our guy the rest of the way?