November 22, 2009

If Chuck Knox was were dead, he'd be spinning in his grave.

We all were pretty sure Seattle was going to lose today, but the manner in which they lost was shameful. It was a comprehensive, team-wide fail of epic proportions; one so embarrassing and incompetent that it puts the jobs of all but a handful of personnel at risk.

Yes, the Vikings are an excellent team, but there's no reason Seattle couldn't have made a more competitive showing (particularly when the lowly Chiefs defeated the World Champions just minutes after our game ended). There's no reason ANY NFL team should be held to 4 yards rushing, no matter how stout the opposing defense is. There's no reason our defense should allow an opposing QB to go 22 for 25, even if it's Brett Favre playing at an All-Pro level. There's no reason that we should be so absolutely maladroit in these 10 am road games when other teams find ways to prevail in the same situations.

This is an organizational failure, and regardless of the results over the final 6 games (which may be respectable), big changes need to be made to avoid tumbling into an early-90s-ish abyss. I'm going to officially come out in support of hiring Mike Holmgren as the new Master and Commander of All Things Seahawks. Let him hire a GM and Head Coach who will carry out his organizational vision, and we'll see if Seattle's greatest coach can create a new era of Seahawks glory.

Some other observations from today, shamelessly cut and pasted from my twitter feed:

-Since that 41-0 blowout at Qwest, Seahawks are 1-4. Jaguars? 4-1.

-Anyone who claims to be a Seahawks fan and wants us to LOSE at STL next week is a moron and a traitor. Just saying. The Seahawks still have four very winnable games on the schedule, and yes, I want them to win all of them.

-In their last two games wearing the white jerseys and blue pants, both in Minnesota, 6 years apart, the Seahawks were outscored 69-16.

-Saddest thing you'll read today, from Yahoo! Sports... SEA Top Performer: J. Forsett, 8 carries, 9 yards, 1 TD.

-Anyone else think Minnesota is going to XLIV? I've got them losing to Indianapolis in Miami at this point.

-Will the Seahawks be a legit contender by the time the Steelers come to Qwest in 2011 for the biggest regular season game EVAR? Discuss!

UPDATE: Thanks to loyal reader Toftie for correcting by awful grammar in the title. She writes...

Because I love you and because I think you're brilliant, I have to correct a
grammar error so no one thinks you are just a douchebag fan (instead of the
god that you are). You DKSB entry about Chuck Knox. It's "If Chuck Knox
WERE dead...." not "was dead." At least in everything I've been taught.

That was free. No charge for that. :)

Here's a bonus pic of Toftie and I kicking it at Qwest at the Rams game in September. She = awesome.


spoonfulofpeter said...

You think the vikings beat the saints in the NFC championship? That's where I've got their season ending.

Aaron said...

But on a positive note: the Denver Broncos have turned back into a pumpkin.

Andrew said...

To this point I've deluded into thinking this was a team missing a few players with injuries, hit with bad luck, or finally on the verge of finally putting it back together and returning to winning ways. But after that game yesterday it finally struck me. The Seahawks are just plain bad.

Last year was easily tolerable because we thought it was an aberration. The first part of this season we were able to blame on injuries (again). But now it is apparent they just aren't very good.

What is disconcerting, though, is how little fight there is. It looks like they just don't get up for these games. I am sure the players care but it is hard to discern much passion. They look ill-prepared and physically over-matched.

It is worrisome because the only way to get better is to purge. They could get worse before they get better.

bleedshawkblue said...

Agree completely this is an organizational failure, but consider the following:

1) This team was lucky that Brett Favre needed surgical repair on his throwing arm to achieve a 4-12 record last year. And a bunch of those losses were blown 2nd half leads.

2) The cupboard was empty of talent from The Big Show's brutal learning curve as GM/Head Coach - the veteran core of winning teams consist of guys with 5 or more years of experience like the 2005 Super Bowl team, almost all of whom were out of the league or washed up 1-2 years after the magical '05 run.

And the magical '05 run was only 4 years ago, with nobody able to step up from the drafts previous to '05 because there was not nearly enough quality talent good enough to do so from the pool of Jerramy Stevens et al that Holmgren brought in.

3) Since that talent pool of 5+ year vets is depleted due to thin drafts from '00 to '04, Ruskell had to bring in that group from outside of the organization plus put rookies or 2-3 year unseasoned players into crucial spots together with a brand new system and brand new set of coaches without a core of good vets that grew up in that system.

Proven recipe for suckage, at least for a season.

Let us diehards look for bright spots of young guys developing this year such as Forsett, Lawrence Jackson, Josh Wilson and Curry. And keep in mind that 4-12 is where we were when the season started.

Just as this team isn't nearly as good as the first Rams game showed, nor are we nearly as bad as this game showed. I expect to see some better performances this year worth building on in the future.

KoolAid line forms over here.

How 'bout that draft, folks?