November 13, 2009

No Excuses

The Seahawks are about as healthy as they are going to get this season going into Sunday's Glendale Deathmatch, with Sean Locklear set to step in a left tackle. Over the last year and half the Seahawks have been dogged by a ridiculously high rate of injuries that even the most talented of teams couldn't be expected to overcome, but here we are... The season on the line, with the most talented line-up we'll be able to muster for this campaign.

Regardless of whether or not the Seahawks reach the playoffs, the final eight games of this season are going to shape the short and long-term future of this team. Rally to an 8-8 or 9-7 finish? We'll probably see some big moves but not a complete razing of the team as it's currently built. Collapse to 5-11 or 6-10? Paul Allen would have every justification to bring in new management, new coaches, and LOTS of new players.

I know a lot of you are of the mindset that you want the Seahawks to implode, so higher draft picks are obtained, people in management you don't like are replaced, etc. To those of you who think this way, I don't know what I feel more towards you: Pity or disdain.

What is it like to root for your team to lose? To be UNHAPPY when they win? What is it like to be a miserable, curdled bastard?

Yes, I'd rather see the Seahawks finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs than go 4-12 again and get a better draft pick. You know why? Because losing sucks, and each time this team ends a game defeated, I die a little bit inside. Rooting for your team to lose is ultimately futile anyway, because

A) There's no guarantee that a high first round pick will be any better than a mid-or-late first rounder.
B) There is, however, a guarantee that the higher pick will COST more, and hamper the team's ability to sign free agents.
C) If you were a free agent, and the money was the same, would you go to the team that finished 8-8 last season or the team that finished 4-12?
D) The players on the team now have NO incentive to dog it so the team gets a higher draft pick. They are not only professionals, they also don't want to help the team draft their replacement. In addition, they want their good performance to be recognized by current management and other organizations, in case they get cut loose.

If Seattle loses Sunday, you'll start hearing the chorus of fucktards who will bitch each time the Seahawks win a "meaningless" game the rest of this season. These people deserve our scorn, ridicule, and a good old-fashioned cock-punching.

But, I clearly don't think the Seahawks WILL lose on Sunday. They are going to win, and they are going to be fighting for the postseason until the final quarter against the Titans next January. They have no excuse not to.

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