August 1, 2009

Let's Party Like It's 1976

On December 20th, the Seahawks will host the Bucs at Qwest Field. Given that Tampa Bay is already planning to bust out the creamsicle unis anyway, why not match our expansion bretheren by also wearing OUR 1976 duds? If your memory is fuzzy, this is what they looked like... We last wore these in 1994 as part of the NFL's 75th-anniversary extravaganza of throwbackage...

How bad-ass would Lofa Tatupu look in THAT? Yes, it would be orange-on-blue, but I don't think anyone will be watching that game on a black-and-white TV, do you?

Seriously, how can we make this happen? Because this is too awesome of an idea for it to NOT happen.


neurocell said...

1994. Remember when Joe Nash joked about being the only player to wear his team's throwback jersey,... again? It was hilarious seeing him wear the same uniform that he wore as a rookie in 1982.

Will (4xlt) said...

This is an absolutely fantastic idea.

Chris Sullivan said...

It would be awesome, but I am almost certain that it can't happen. The Seahawks would have had to get the NFL okay prior to the season starting, and since we had alternate jerseys, we can't also have retro jerseys.

Plus, that 1976 matchup still holds the NFL record for most penalties in a game. Are we sure we want to go back to that? ;)

Throwbacks in 2010. let's start the campaign, man.