January 24, 2008

Which 1988 Seahawk Liked to Attack From the Back?

If you ever want to read an incredibly detailed account of the Seahawks' 1988 season, pick up a copy of Fighting Chance by Fred Moody. You can get it used on amazon for 35 cents, and it includes this gem of a passage between two unnamed Seahawks players:

"What that chick needs is a good stiff dick in the ass."

"I used to do that."

"In the ass???"

Here's the 1988 Seahawks roster.. Which two guys do you think were having that conversation? I imagine it as Joe Nash talking to Jacob Green...

In a quite unrelated note, here's the most brutal hit I've ever seen at an NFL game in person.. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Fighting Change is a great book. If you're a Seahawks fan it's a must read.

Good luck with the new blog!

Phil said...

Chris Warren was the shit.