April 12, 2008

The 12th Man's Tentacles Reach Into the Midwest... Or Something

I was out grocery shopping today (and rocking some Seahawks gear, naturally), when I saw someone else with even MORE Seahawks stuff festooning their car/person.

Yup. Even in the land of Lincoln, there's some folks who bleed gun metal blue and bright Seahawks green.

Where's the place you were most surprised to run into another Seahawks fan?


Anonymous said...

Kauai, HI.


Michael Steffes said...

I have run into Seahawks fans all over. It is usually a really cool experience where we can talk some foosbal. One thing I hate, is when the douche starts yelling from across a Starbucks or something like "yeaaaaaaah Seahawks, Whats up!!!!!!!!!!" Usually then, i just walk away pretending I have no idea who they are talking to.