July 7, 2008

Fred Moody's got you covered from Agee to Wyman

KSK has a great review up of Stefan Fatsis' new book "A Few Seconds of Panic" (which is about the 2006 Broncos season).

I'd love to pick that one up, but mostly the KSK post made me think back to Fred Moody's great book on the 1988 Seahawks: Fighting Chance.

I've blogged about it before, but if you're hungry for a detailed account of one of Seattle's most compelling NFL seasons, you should pick it up... only 46 cents on amazon right now! Of course, it includes this classic snippet of locker room conversation between two unnamed Seahawks:

"What that chick needs is a good stiff dick in the ass."

"I used to do that."

"In the ass???"

In other news, Enjoy the Enjoyment has moved over to the Sports Northwest Magazine blog, so adjust your links accordingly. Also look for a blurb by yours truly in the August issue...

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