July 26, 2008

Springfield Mudbones Update #4

Keep going over to Field Gulls to follow the Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, but here's a quick summary of DKSB's latest picks (13-16):

John Randle

The 'bones pick up another player who built his reputation elsewhere, but
still had at least one standout year in Blue, Silver and Green. Randle is
6th on the all-time sacks list, but most of that happened in Minnesota.
The Hawks picked him up in free agency before the 2001 season, and that
year he contributed 11 sacks while earning his 7th Pro Bowl trip.

The Mudbones want him as much for his non-stop motor and killer instinct
than anything else (that's a nice way of saying his wallet said "Bad
Mother F@$%er"). The guy was a beastly intimidator, and that fits in
nicely with the likes of Easley, Peterson and Kerney.

Steve August

August is unfairly somewhat infamous for being acquired with one of the
picks Seattle got in the "Tony Dorsett trade." August had a solid run in
Seattle, starting at left tackle from 1977 to 1983. Since that was the
period in which I was between the ages of 2 and 8, I have no personally
specific memory of watching him play...

However, according to Pro Football Reference, August is the best Right Tackle
in franchise history... Who am I to argue with PFR?

Joe Jurevicius

Another one-year Hawk, but without him we'd probably still be roaming the
earth waiting for Seattle's first Super Bowl appearance. He made his 55
regular season receptions count, taking 10 into the end zone. He'd be a
nice big target for Warren Moon in the 'bones 3-receiver offense. Why
three receivers and no tight ends? Maybe because there isn't a single
tight end in team history worth being picked in this entire draft.


Ron Mattes

He was no Big Walt, but Mattes manned the left tackle position more than
competently from 1986-1990. I'm not going to pretend that I know anything
specific about him beyond that, but the team had four winning seasons in
his five years playing for us, so it probably wasn't in SPITE of him.

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