July 14, 2008

A Seahawk-Friendly Voice at ESPN?

ESPN has hired our own Trent Dilfer as an on-air analyst, which I think is good news for anyone hoping to see the Hawks getting more positive national press.

If you've seen him before on NFLN, you know that TD knows his stuff, and is already pretty smooth on the air. You also know that he saaaaaaang Beck's praises in the run-up to XL to anyone who would listen. Hell, he tore his Achilles tendon playing basketball with Hasselbeck, so you gotta think he'll at least treat the Hawks with more respect than the rest of those ESPN bobbleheads.

Unless he gets infected by some sort of zombie-like ESPN virus... You know the one that makes millionaire TV personalities do the following whenever talking about the Seahawks..

-"But they need more receivers!"
-"They're screwed without Hutchinson!"
-"They can't win on the road!" (regular season road record since 2004? 16-16)
-"Holmgren's a lame duck!"

and so on....

We're watching Trent... Make us proud.

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