July 30, 2008

Please, for the love of God, let this happen.

Rush Limbaugh has expressed interest in buying the St. Louis Rams. As a flaming liberal, the idea of one of our most-loathed opponents OWNING Seattle's main divisional rival is delicious.... But I also know that tons of Seahawks, including my favorite player Beck himself, are a lot closer to Rush than me politically.

That's cool, baby.. Particularly given that no matter what Hass or Mack Strong or anyone else does, Obama is still going to win Washington State by double digits.

Putting politics aside, I'd still love to see STL get run into the ground by a pill-popping doucher who thinks that Donovan McNabb sucks. Damn, if I was going to make a wish-list of owners for division rivals, Limbaugh owning the Rams would be at or near the top. If we can get Anne Rice to buy the Niners and Bret Michaels to purchase the Cardinals we'll be REALLY set.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr Liberal I live in WA state and dont vote democrat.

Highest taxed state in the country

Most state employees of any state

The Govenor stole the election and needed 3 separate counts to win. She immediately paid off the teachers unions and Indian tribes afterward....what a joke.

It may "take a village" in your world, I just hate paying for the village idiots

DKSB said...

A) I grew up in Eastern Washington. I know there are TONS of conservatives in Washington State. However, y'all are fighting a losing battle this year. Oh wait, you do almost every year, given that WA hasn't gone "red" since 1988.

B) It takes a village? Ugh. I hate that crap, and I can't stand Hillary Clinton. Surprised?

C) It's the "Democratic Party." We don't call you guys the Republic Party... Yeesh.

D) All that crap aside, we're all Seahawks fans, right? I doubt that many of us, Liberal or Conservative, would have prefered the vote on building a new stadium fail, leaving us like those forlorn Sonics fans...

But wait, that's taxation!

BlueThru&Thru said...

In our household it's the...

NObama zone! Period. However, we aren't like a lot of libs and conservatives, we actually have lots of close friends on both ends and the middle of the political spectrum.

Oh, and amongst my friends are the Hasselbeck family! Some of the most decent conservatives I know.