July 22, 2008

Springfield Mudbones Update #3

Keep going over to Field Gulls to follow the Seahawks All-Time Fantasy Draft, but he're a quick summary of DKSB's latest picks (9-12):

Bobby Engram

The Mudbones offense will feature the two most reliable recievers in
Seahawks history in Largent and Engram. 2007 was Bobby's breakout year,
but for seven seasons he has been "Mr. Third Down" for Seattle,
consistently moving the chains thanks to his precise routes and excellent

Since we didn't snag Hass or Krieg to take our snaps at QB, our recievers
need to be exactly where they are supposed to be, and they need to play
like black holes, refusing to let any passes escape thier grasp.

It's a testament to how valued and beloved Bobby is that we've all pretty
much forgiven him for that drop in the 2004 Wild Card game v. STL. If he
ever gets another chance in a situation like that, the ball won't be
hitting the ground.

Fredd Young

Young started out as a dominating special teams player in '84, and at
first he earned his Pro Bowl trips based on his propensity for
kick-coverage headcracking. However, in 1986 and 1987 he evolved into one
of the game's elite linebackers, leading the team with 121 tackles in 1986
and earning All-Pro honors in 1987.

Young's 1987 season ended on a sour note, with his overtime interception
of Warren Moon deep in Oilers territory being waved off and called
incomplete despite clear visual evidence that the ball never touched the
astroturf. Little did we know that was the Genesis of two decades of the
Hawks getting royally screwed by NFL officials... Ugh.

After the '87 season, Young demanded a large new contract, held out, and
was traded to Indianapolis. He only amassed two sacks as a Colt, and was
out of football by 1990. His story is partially one of talent squandered,
but the Fredd Young of 1984-87 is frozen in time forever, spreading mortal
terror in the hearts of Seahawk opponents.

Robbie Tobeck

Tobeck was of course part of the exceptional O-line unit of 2005 (the year
Tobeck earned his lone Pro Bowl selection), but for most of the Holmgren
era he was a key cog in Seattle's offense. He started every game from
2001-2005, and his trip to Hawaii after XL was well deserved.

So now the Mudbones finally start work on their offensive line, sending
the opposition into a downward spiral of trembling fear.. or something...

Warren Moon

In an earlier post, Warren Moon was described as "decrepit" during his
time in Seattle. Even if you give zero weight to the rest of Moon's
Hall-of-Fame career, his performance in 1997 makes him by far the best QB
left on the board. In '97 Warren Moon had the best season for a
"not-Hass-or-Krieg" QB in Seahawks history, racking up 25 TDs and over
3600 yards. He is also the only Seattle QB besides Beck and DK to ever be
named to a Pro Bowl.

I have no doubt that Largent, Engram and JLW can get open, and 41-year-old
Warren Moon can deliver the ball right between the numbers.

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Misfit said...

1997 is the year that Moon threw for 409 yards and a season-high 5 TDs. Against the hated Raiders. Nice pick.