August 15, 2008

DKSB Smacks Down Dallas Fans From Coast to Coast

I was out at Franklin Park Mall in Toledo today with my son, and Jack was wearing his Hasselbeck jersey. This rando dude working at a cell phone kiosk says to me:

"Hey, you should get your kid a T.O. jersey!"

My reply: "Cowboys fan huh? How's that been working out for you lately? You haven't done that great against the Hawks, huh?"

Him: "13-3 last year, man!"

Me: "0-1 in the playoffs, man.. haven't won a playoff game in 12 years. At least the Hawks, you know, win playoff games."

Him: "Seattle sucks.. What were you, 8-6 last year?"

Me: "10-6.. and actually won a playoff game... We'll see you on Thanksgiving, dude."

Just as a reminder, here's Tony Romo's most notable playoff moments:

Yeah, I'm TERRIFIED of Dallas, aren't you? :-]

1 comment:

Alan said...

Hard to tell which one made me smile more.

Nah, the first one. Go Hawks!