August 21, 2008

Well, November 23rd just got more interesting...

I've talked in this space before about the blatant numbnuttery of Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Looks like Tom Cruise's favorite NFL owner is at it again...

WSJ: [Joe] Gibbs's tenure wasn't the same as it was the first time around when he led the team to the Super Bowl. What do you make of that? Did his time pass?

Snyder: No, I think if you look in the last three years we made the playoffs twice. We got close. We should have beaten Seattle two of those years and I think we would have had a lot of fun playing Dallas. But I think we just didn't finish. We got close but didn't finish. It's a shame that Joe felt that at 67 he needed to retire again. He just felt that he couldn't give it everything, the commitment.

Remember, he's pissed and moaned about this before:

Q: The NFC East has been a great division for years. Does the Giants
winning the Super Bowl give you inspiration?

A: "It's the best division. We think we should've been that team. Joe
(Gibbs) and I thought if we get through Seattle, we were very much looking forward to going to Dallas and then we were looking forward to the rematch in Green Bay. We owed them something. We were very, very comfortable with where we were. We just couldn't get out of Seattle. If that recovery by Anthony Mix had been a touchdown with the rule the way we'd like it to be, that game's probably over. I haven't brought it up this week because it looks like I'm a sore loser."

It's this kind of sharp, cogent thinking that has allowed Snyder to steward the Skins to a 68-76 regular season record since taking over in 1999.

Our 9-7 team wasn't simply barely above average!! We were powered by the Ghost of Sean Taylor!! Only an arcane rule kept US from being the team that ran through the Dallas/GB/New England gauntlet to a Super Bowl victory!!

What a doucher.

Let's give Dan and his boys a nice Qwest Field welcome this November, my minions!

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Ben Folsom said...

Oh noes! OUr bestest coach evar retires after this saeson!!!1! Avery juan panic!!!1!

Seriously, I sent you an invite three days ago to join Blogger Deathsport for 2008, if you want to rag on Dan and some Skins fans you probably won't get a better chance than this. Are you in?