August 1, 2008

Season Ticket Package Details!

Damn, the Seahawks treat the fans right. Here's what I just got in the mail via FedEx:

-My 2 season tickets... Who's mug is on each ticket?

Bears: Chris Gray
Raiders: Leroy Hill

Regular Season
Niners: Trufant
Rams: Burleson
Packers: Hass
Eagles: Lofa
Cards: Big Walt
DC: Deon Grant
Patriots: Kerney
Jets: Holmgren

-Seahawks 2008 Team Yearbook (face value $10)

-Full-size 12th Man Flag (with list of all the people who have raised the flag before games at Qwest). I bought one of these last year for $40, so now I have a back-up piece, so to speak.

This is brilliant... You'll have about 60,000 houses who can fly the colors this fall. Smart move, Ruskell.

-A shit-ton of coupons, info flyers, etc.

So the Hawks gave 60,000 people gifts with thier tickets that add up to a $50 value if you tried to buy them off the street. That's a great sign that we root for a class organization that cares about the fans.

I have a friend who's Dad just got Vikings season tickets. She asked him what cool gift THEY got, and he sheepishly admitted that they got ZILCH.



Anonymous said...

Looks frickin' sweet. Don't know why I seem to get mine so late, still waiting on the delivery.

-- RandomChris

12thMANforever said...

What city do you live in? I'm in Federal Way and I still haven't got mine! Hopefully tomorrow though

Anonymous said...

Our tickets are supposed to be delivered to Des Moines, WA. I threw away the box the '07 tickets came in yesterday, so they will most likely come today.

-- RandomChris

JRuss said...

I talked to my rep this morning. All tickets should be delivered by Wednesday. If you don't get them by then, get in touch with your rep.

Jarrod said...

I was a little bugged on the yearbook, but at least it's in alphabetical order.