August 16, 2008

Justin Forsett is Young Nastyman

I didn't get to see the game tonight. I followed it on, and just the play-by-play was astounding. Here's how I saw the game:

2-2-CHI 42 (10:31) 30-J.Forsett right tackle to CHI 21 for 21 yards (45-L.Peters).

1-10-CHI 10 (5:28) 30-J.Forsett left tackle for 10 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

1-10-SEA 18 (2:46) 30-J.Forsett right tackle pushed ob at SEA 32 for 14 yards (59-R.Wilson).

1-10-SEA 13 (14:54) 30-J.Forsett left tackle pushed ob at 50 for 37 yards (21-C.Graham).

1-10-CHI 36 (13:47) 30-J.Forsett left end pushed ob at CHI 21 for 15 yards (59-R.Wilson).

..and so on.

So I am dubbing him Young Nastyman (or YN), in honor of the Tenacious D anthem below:

Seriously, not having actually SEEN the game, if you told me that YN moved down field via levitation, or could kill a yak with mind bullets, or could slice a hydra's many throats with a broadsword, I WOULDN'T DOUBT YOU FOR AN INSTANT.

261 all-purpose yards? Seriously??? DAMN.

Welcome to the age of Young Nastyman. Nothing will ever be the same.

UPDATE: I call fucking bullshit on this... ESPN just showed the "highlights" from the game and there was NO MENTION of Young Nastyman.. Just blather about Chicago's two shitty-as-fuck QBs. Fucking Bristol Assfuckers.

UPDATE 2: Here's YN's highlight package on

UPDATE 3: Here's's highlight package for the entire game


ctrimis said...

ya, ESPNs highlights were ridiculous. made me so mad.

Misfit said...

"Fucking Bristol Assfuckers"


What a great idea for a Fantasy Football team name...unless it was taken the wrong way.

Forsett: Pocket-Hercules II.

Skam said...

Forsett was great no doubt, but you have to love what Coutu did. 5 for 5, 48 yarder, 43 yarder, 36 yarder in OT. Uh, Josh who?

Forrest said...

Who is wonderboy?