August 10, 2008

DKSB's Official 2008 NFL Predictions

This time, he's bringing that sucker back to Seattle with him.

It’s that time… I’ve gone through the entire 2008 NFL schedule game-by-game and here’s what I came up with.. Enjoy and the Opine!

NFC West
Seahawks 12-4
Cardinals 7-9
Rams 5-11
49ers 3-13

NFC North
Vikings 10-6
Lions 7-9
Bears 5-11
Packers 5-11

NFC South
Bucs 10-6
Saints 8-8
Panthers 6-10
Falcons 3-13

NFC East
Cowboys 12-4
Eagles 9-7
Giants 9-7
Redskins 8-8

NFC Playoffs

Wild Card: Vikings 24, Giants 10; Eagles 27, Bucs 24 (OT)
Divisional: Seahawks 37, Eagles 21; Cowboys 26, Vikings 24
NFC Championship: Seahawks 28, Cowboys 27

AFC West
Chargers 14-2
Broncos 9-7
Raiders 5-11
Chiefs 5-11

AFC North
Browns 10-6
Steelers 8-8
Bengals 8-8
Ravens 4-12

AFC South
Jaguars 12-4
Colts 11-5
Texans 9-7
Titans 8-8

AFC East
Patriots 13-3
Jets 9-7
Bills 6-10
Dolphins 4-12

AFC Playoffs

Wild Card: Jaguars 35, Texans 14; Colts 34, Browns 28 (OT)
Divisional Round: Chargers 23, Colts 19; Jaguars 16, Patriots 14
AFC Championship Game: Chargers 20, Jaguars 16

Year-End Awards

NFL MVP: Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks
Offensive POY: Adrian Peterson, Vikings
Defensive POY: Antonio Cromartie, Chargers
Offensive ROY: Jonathan Stewart, Panthers
Defensive ROY: Vernon Gholston, Jets
Coach of the year: Gary Kubiak, Texans


Chargers 9 7 10 7 -33
Seahawks 0 7 14 14 -35


SD: Shawne Merriman sacks Matt Hasselbeck in End Zone (SD 2-0)
SD: LaDanian Tomlinson 56 yard TD run (SD 9-0)
SEA: Engram 15 yard pass from Hasselbeck (SD 9-7)
SD: Darren Sproles 65 yard punt return (SD 16-7)
SEA: Carlson 24 yard pass from Hasselbeck (SD 16-14)
SD: Nate Kaeding 52 yard FG (SD 19-14)
SEA: Tatupu 36 yard interception return (SEA 21-19)
SD: Gates 7 yard pass from Rivers (SD 26-21)
SEA: Jones 27 yard run (SEA 28-26)
SD: Tomlinson 1 yard run (SD 33-28)
SEA: Branch 12 yard pass from Hasselbeck (SEA 35-33)

XLIII MVP: Matt Hasselbeck

28/37, 304 yards, 3 td, 0 ints

For the record, here’s my grid of how every regular season game is going to turn out…



JRuss said...

So let it be written, so let it be done!!

SaraMichelle said...

You seriously have way too much time on your hands. *giggle*

Here's hoping things work out exactly like this. I could definitely live with all of the above. :)

Mind of no mind said...

That would be the most exciting Superbowl in the history of Superbowls and completely make up for the last one that was taken from us. I've always dreamed of us beating an AFC West team in the SB. My order as to who I'd want to beat the most would be Broncos>Raiders>Chiefs>Chargers. I still can't get over how close we came to playing Denver! But the Chargers are certainly the most realistic possiblity this year.