August 4, 2008

EA Sports Flunks Seattle Geography

I stumbled upon this set of flickr photos from Madden 09, and as you can see, EA sports got pretty lazy about getting basic Seattle geography right. The last time I visited Seattle, the Space Needle wasn't in Qwest Field's north parking lot. In fact, the needle is about 2.3 miles away, according to our good friends at google maps.

Nah, having a monopoly wasn't going to make EA complacent or anything... Are there pictures out there of Congress next to FedEx Field? Or the Statue of Liberty in the Meadowlands parking lot? I doubt they'd get that sloppy with any place but "South Alaska."

There's a lot more mistakes in that picture, but I'll let all y'all point them out in the comments... Have fun!

1 comment:

ctrimis said...

Odd, the background behind the Hawks Nest has always been pretty accurate but that's pretty bad....
Do you know if the new entry sequences with this visual are on the PS2, or is it just 360 and PS3?