August 2, 2008

NFL Network Re-opens XL Wounds

The NFL Network is running one of its "Top 10" programs, and this time it's the most controversial officiating calls in NFL history. At number 8?

Super Bowl XL.

How can it only be number 8? Sheesh. At least they acknowledged reality and put it on the list, I guess.

To NFLN's credit, the segment on XL seems to acknowledge the officiating mistakes, and the only talking heads willing to defend that travesty of a Super Bowl were tied to the Steelers. In addition to Boomer Esiason criticizing the XL officiating, there's also some dude from the Providence Journal, Clare Farnsworth and Steve Raible.

Tellingly, it's not scheduled to air again after about, oh, two hours from now (2 am central time, midnight on the West Coast). So tivo the replay of it if you can...

Side note: Sitting through that segment was the first time I've willingly watched any XL footage since the week after the game. My seething hatred of Pittsburgh, the Steelers, Bill Leavy, and the City of Detroit has not even come close to ebbing.

and I would really like to beat that entire officiating crew to bloody pulps with that tainted Lombardi Trophy... GTA IV style.... While I'm at it, I'd give Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis, Joey Porter and Bill Cowher a few good whacks as well.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

UPDATE: For the record, Pittsburgh benefitted from 3 of the top 10 most controversial calls of all time. Seriously. Fuck those guys.

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