August 9, 2008

Seahawks 34, Vikings 17

I don't have any sparkling insight about last night's game that would top anything you'd read on Field Gulls or Seahawk Addicts, but I'll throw in my two cents...

-Was the game in HD on KONG? If not, that would explain why I had to endure the Vikings announcers for the whole broadcast. Ugh. (For those new to NFLN, they usually show one team's broadcast in the first half and throw it to the other team in the 2nd.) However, I'd rather mute the announcers and watch in glorious HD than punish my eyeballs with standard definition TV.

-Yeah it's just preseason, but winning > losing. We don't get another shot at Minnesota until the playoffs (if they make it), so I took a bit of extra joy in beating the team that stole Hutchinson and effed up Beck's knee back in '06.

-It's nice to root for a team that seems like it has too many good players, doesn't it?

-I can't imagine the pressure on the players trying to just hold onto a roster spot. We can flap our gums about how privledged these guys are to be playing a game for a living, but I know that there's no way I could handle the "do-or-die" pressure these guys face day-to-day (coupled with the constant threat of violent injury and/or permanent disability)... Maybe that's why tenure sounds so awesome to us nampy-pamby academics.. Ha ha.

-Total off-topic comment: I'm watching DC play the Bills right now, and Buffalo's OJ-era throwbacks are WAYYYYYY cooler than those pathetic USFL-CFL-Arena-esque unis they usually wear.

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Michael Steffes said...

Seriously, Mike Mayock fell down a few notches in my book. That broadcast was awful!