March 3, 2009

Do we have a rivalry with the Vikings now?

At some point in the 2009 season, the Hawks will visit the Metrodome to take on the Vikings, and if the NFL is interested in an "under the radar" rivalry game for MNF or SNF, this would be it. Just look at the recent history:

-In 2001, a Vikings win over the Ravens in the season's final regular season game would have gotten the Seahawks into the playoffs. They started Spurgeon Wynn at QB, with predictable results.

-In 2002, Shaun Alexander humiliated the Vikings on SNF with FIVE first half TDs in a 48-23 win.

-In 2003, the Seahawks took a 34-7 sphincter-reaming at the Metrodome, which also was the last time the Hawks wore the "white jersey/blue pants" combo in the regular season.

-In 2004, the Hawks were big underdogs in a Twin-Cities rematch, but came up with a 27-23 season-saving win when Michael Boulware picked off a bone-headed Randy Moss option pass in the waning moments..

-Then there was 2006.. The Hutchinson fiasco, our retaliation with Burleson, E.J. Henderson's dirty hit that ruined the 2006 season for Seattle, and a blowout loss to the Vikings at Qwest...

The latest chapter is Housh signing with Seattle instead of Minnesota. The Vikings blogs are bitter and pissy, Vikings commenters all over the internet are bemoaning that T.J. chose "money over winning" (pfft.. The Vikes have a nice team, but one NFC North crown doesn't make Minnesota an elite franchise), and finally T.J. dissed Minnesota's talent at QB...

Side Note: Would people PLEASE shut the frak up about replacing Hasselbeck? Not only is the team 100% committed to Beck, but his talent and reputation just helped us land Housh. Yeah, we might take Stafford if he falls in our laps at #4, but barring major injuries and/or a huge drop off in performance, Hass is our starter for the next two seasons AT LEAST.

The bottom line? That game in the big hefty bag is gonna be a good one this fall, y'all...

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